Victim of the Swamp

Congressional Ethics Complaint Filed Against Florida Congressmen and Journalists

The media and several members of congress have been covering this up for over 2 years now because it is an indictment of the Obama administration, as well as “never Trump” republicans like John McCain. Conversely, my complaint, which is fully and indisputably documented and supported, exonerates President Trump; are you starting to get the picture…

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Facebook Partnered with Paul Manafort’s #1 Partner in Social Media Influence Operations – To Restore The Integrity of Elections Worldwide.

Below I describe and document my work in pioneering social media psychological warfare for the U.S. Department of Defense, and how my employer, Obama’s National Security Adviser, Gen. James Jones, was Paul Manafort’s #1 preferred partner. Below is the full story.

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Dan Bongino Ties Ukrainian Influence Operation to Biden and The ShadowNet

Today Dan made the connection to like 5 different people John Solomon wrote about in the Hill, and a few others as well. The connection to all three of these folks and the ShadowNet is not tangential, it is direct and real. All connections Dan made today were to the Atlantic Council, including $25 million in donations to the Atlantic Council from a huge Clinton Foundation donor.

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