Patrick Bergy is an IT security specialist, former candidate for Supervisor of Elections, and PFC in the United States Army. After his honorable discharge from the military, he deployed around the world working as a military contractor providing IT support for the Department of Defense. One of Patrick’s most notable projects was in pioneering social media psychological warfare, also know as Interactive Internet Activities, or IIA, for the Department of Defense in 2008. This was at a time when social networks and smart phones were just taking off. Patrick understood the potential threat such capabilities posed for the very core of U.S. democracy, election integrity. He believed it was already being used by hostile foreign governments.

Patrick has been speaking out since 2014, when he recognized its use in the Michael Brown incident which sparked riots in cities throughout the U.S. He has continued trying to get his message to the public to this day, even predicting the social media influence by hostile foreign governments in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but his warnings were seemingly ignored. He published his first book, ‘Victim of the Swamp, how the “Deep State” Destroyed the 40 Year Old Private’ in September, 2017.

Patrick Bergy was born in 1965, and raised on a small farm in Alto, Michigan. His Father, Bruce Bergy, managed a grain mill that had been in their family for over 75 years. Patrick had two older sisters, Lori and Linda. Patrick married his first wife at the age of 30, and has four children from the marriage whom he loves very much. His daughters, Mia, and Sarah, and twin sons, Bruce and James. He was divorced in 2010 following several years of deployments overseas, and his personal struggle with combat related PTSD.

Contractors, like me, provide plausible deniability to our clients in the government.  This is why military contractors are used so frequently, and show up so often in situations like Hillary Clinton’s email server, where the contractor was responsible for the server, yet so many emails were destroyed or missing.  Clinton’s system administrator plead the 5th during Senate hearings, and there was nothing in the law to go after him and compel him to answer.  I have no political affiliation, and never have.  This is not about politics with me, it’s personal, and the problems I describe are consistently abused by both parties.

Contractors, contrary to popular belief, do not have protection under US whistle-blower laws. If a contractor did speak up, that contractor would ruin his career and his life.  Believe me, I know this to be true from first-hand experience.  My life and career was destroyed after coming forward with an official report of fraud waste and abuse.  If we are ever to drain the swamp, we need to begin by providing strong whistle-blower protection to those who are willing to speak out, even at their own personal risk.  We do not abandon these people or throw them under the bus, they are the only way we will ever drain the swamp.

Over the last decade, what I witnessed was an extremely unhealthy relationship between our government and private military contracting companies, also known as the military industrial complex, MIC, and the swamp.  With the money the Department of Defense spent on me as a contractor in Iraq for one year, they could have doubled the annual salary of ten E3’s (Army Privates) and provided them each with an associate’s degree.  Not one single contract position I filled over the last 8 years couldn’t have just as easily been filled by ten E3 privates, at double their normal annual salary.

The Department of Defense spent north of two hundred thousand dollars to train and provide me with a Top-Secret clearance.  When I enlisted I had a wife and two children, but shortly after we had twin sons.  The salary for an E3 with a wife and four dependents was about $1,700 per month after taxes.  Maybe a few hundred more depending on where I got deployed.  While that E3 private deployed in a war zones struggles to make ends meet, he is surrounded by people, in many cases far less qualified than him, making $17,000 per month.  Even more astounding is the contractor is paying no taxes up to the first $100,000.  Our troops pay taxes when deployed overseas.  How is that possible?

So, guess what happens when that E3 private completes his service and is faced with either re-enlisting, and having his family living on food stamps, or go to work as a contractor overseas.  The Top-Secret clearance our government just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get, is now being used by a private company on a contract our government is paying for.  It is a system that is built to fail, unless you’re a corporation in the military industrial complex, or a politician.