The Book

Victim of the Swamp is an autobiographical account of Patrick Bergy’s decade inside what has become known as the “Deep State.”  It’s an amazing true story of his run for office in 2004, enlistment at the age of 40 in the United States Army, and as a private military contractor.

Mr. Bergy was contracted as a subject matter expert to develop pioneering applications in social media psychological warfare for the Department of Defense.  Basically, he pioneered social network “fake news” for the U.S. Department of Defense when social media was in its infancy.  You get a first hand, inside look at the “Tip of the Spear” of the DC Swamp at the highest levels, and the corruption between the U.S. government, military and the military industrial complex.

A portion of each book sold will go towards veteran based non-profit organizations!

This book is a deeply personal account of an average husband, father and patriot that wanted to make a positive difference in his community, and his country.  My documented attempt to protect democracy from the highest level of Florida’s election officials will surprise you. My enlistment at 40 will touch upon your every emotion.  My pioneering of social media psychological warfare as a private military contractor for the Department of Defense will likely leave you a little confused after reading the first two chapters – especially as it relates to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.  My fight to maintain honor and integrity from within the “Deep State” will hopefully enlighten you.